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Pastel Packs Product Description!

Our bags are made out of 100% 

Polyester Fabrics that will add a Pop

Of color to anyone’s life!

Other Features include a roll-top, 

Which makes zipping easy and keeps 

your cargo safe and convenient to access.

Our Bags all come with a double-sided handle

that clasps in the center making the bag extremely

easy to carry when dealing with heavier loads. 

The handles also make it convenient if you dont feel 

like wearing the Pack like a normal backpack. 

These bags have no shortage of pockets including

front, rear, side, and inside pockets galore!

Each Pastel Pack has a beautiful branded 

embroidered patch on the front making 

the bags an absolute statement piece. 

Each bag sold will contribute to donation runs

in our One for One business model!

Add a Pop of color to your life and someone else’s!